The concept

Sound ludicrous?  We think so too but it is the way many entrepreneurs approach business and one  of the main reasons why so many new ventures fail so quickly.

We developed www.dolearnfinance.com specifically to increase financial skills in the start-up sector by providing an attractive way for entrepreneurs to rapidly acquire them and be ready to engage confidently with providers of funds.

The unique feature of this site is the complete alignment of learning and applying. The dedicated modelling applications which create an innovative learn-by-doing programme are then used to follow through and build business models and financial projections for real business start-ups.

The People

The developers and leaders of the initiative are:

Jack Foley

An economist/trainer specialising in the area of financial modelling for new ventures.

He is a widely respected adviser to accounting practices in business planning and financial projections.

Damian O’Neill

Chartered Accountant and proprietor of a multi-disciplined training organization.

He is an expert in designing, developing and implementing training programes.

 Thomas Cooney

Professor and internationally respected academic in the field of Entrepreneurship.

He is an accomplished adviser and speaker on entrepreneurship and issues facing the SME sector.